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Membrane Filters: Selection, Production, and Use

February 23, 2018
Membrane filters allow the flow of fluids or gases while preventing the passage of particles and microorganisms. They ...
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Topics: Membrane Filters

Porex Wicking Material: Die Cut Components for Wicking Fluids

December 11, 2017
Die cut components for wicking fluids are used in medical, bioscience, and filtration applications. They are made of ...
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Topics: Materials, porex

Die Cut Components for Rapid Diagnostics and Microfluidics

October 20, 2017
Die Cut Components for Rapid Diagnostics and Microfluidics Die cut components for rapid diagnostics and microfluidics ...
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Topics: Die-cutting, Quality Assurance, ISO, Microfluidics, Rapid Diagnostics

ISP Completes Transition to ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 13485:2016

October 20, 2017
 What is an ISO Certified Die Cutter? ISO certifications for die cutters demonstrate a commitment to quality. Any ...
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Topics: Die-cutting, Quality Assurance, ISO

Rotary Die Cutting for High Volumes and Thin Films

August 24, 2017
  Rotary die cutting produces high volumes of thin components with tight tolerances. Using long-lasting dies, rotary ...
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Topics: Die-cutting, rotary die cutting

Interstate’s ISO Certifications

September 6, 2016
Interstate Specialty Products (ISP) is an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified manufacturing company that meets quality ...
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Topics: ISO

Interstate's Cleanroom Manufacturing Capabilities

July 18, 2016
Interstate Specialty Products (ISP) welcomes cleanroom and white room die cutting projects at its ISO-13485:2003 ...
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Interstate Sees Quality With Innovative Inspection Equipment

June 27, 2016
Interstate Specialty Products is building on its strong commitment to quality with a new piece of equipment. An ...
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Topics: Quality Assurance

High-Purity PTFE Products

November 1, 2017
High-purity PTFE products are used in medical, laboratory, scientific, and other applications where cleanliness is ...
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Topics: Die-cutting, Materials

Shelf Life of Rubber Products

March 29, 2016
Rubber products can remain in inventory for long periods of time. Shelf life, the storage period prior to part ...
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Topics: Materials