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Die Cut Components for Rapid Diagnostics and Microfluidics

by ISP | October 20, 2017

Die Cut Components for Rapid Diagnostics and Microfluidics

Die cut components for rapid diagnostics and microfluidics are used for medical screening, treatment monitoring, and general preventive medicine. These point-of-care (POC) products provide a portable, cost-effective, and easy-to-use alternative to microscopy and other clinical methods that require access to laboratories or laboratory equipment. Applications include blood glucose monitoring and disease detection.

Die Cutting and ISO 13485

Die cutting is an ideal choice for the thin and complex components that are used in rapid diagnostics andmicrofluidics. Rolls or sheets of medical materials are cut into specific shapes with speed, accuracy, and repeatability. Often, these die cutmaterials are made of specialized paper or plastic, or have a multi-layer structure. To ensure quality and cleanliness, die cutting by an ISO 13485 certified company may be required.

Test Strips for Rapid Diagnostics

die-cut-component-microfluidics.pngTest strips or diagnostic reagent strips are used in the analysis of blood and urine. With lateral-flow devices, a die cut strip of paper or plastic wicks the fluid from one end to the other. Chemicals or antibodies in the sample interact with a reagent to produce a color change. Die cut paper strips are often specific to a single reaction, such as a pH measurement. Die cut plastic strips with pads may allow several determinations simultaneously, such as with a urinalysis panel.

Microfluidics Strips and Chips

Die cutting also supports the production of microfluidic strips that are used to control and manipulate fluids in networks of channels with dimensions ranging from tens to hundreds of micrometers. These micro-channels can be etched or molded into a polymer such as polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) to support mixing, pumping, sorting, or control of the biochemical environment. Precision die cutting also supports the creation of microfluidic devices for lab-on-a-chip (LOC) applications.        

Cleanroom Die Cutting

Die cut components for rapid diagnostics and microfluidics may require white room or clean room die cutting to avoid contamination that can affect the reagents in test strips, or the tiny channels in microfluidic strips. Partnering with an ISO 13485 certified company ensures the die cutter meets customer and regulatory requirements that apply to medical devices.     

Learn More from Interstate

ISP is an experienced die cutter in Sutton, Massachusetts (USA) that is both ISO 9001:2015 and 13485:2016 certified. To learn more about how we provide high-quality precision and rotary die cutting services, please contact us.     

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