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IP Ratings and Sealing Materials: What You Need to Know

November 01, 2018
IP ratings are alphanumeric codes that describe the sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures. They let engineers ...
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Topics: IP Rating, Sealing Materials, Equipment Protection, Electrical Exposure

EPDM vs. Neoprene: Choose the Right Gasket Material

October 25, 2018
EPDM and neoprene are elastomers for custom gasket applications. These gasket materials are supplied as rolls and ...
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Topics: EDPM, Neoprene

Speed Prototyping and Reduce Part Costs with Digital Knife Cutting

October 11, 2018
Digital knife cutting uses reciprocating knives to produce close-tolerance components for medical and scientific ...
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Topics: Digital Knife Cutting

Medical Device Manufacturing

July 27, 2018
Medical device manufacturing is a highly regulated and exacting field. The most important feature of any medical device ...
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Topics: Medical Device Manufacturing

The Diagnostic Test Strip Market Keeps Growing

July 27, 2018
If you’re a manufacturer of diagnostic test strips, the future looks bright.
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Topics: Die-cutting

FDA USP VI Silicones: Medical Die Cutting and Cleanroom Mftrg

June 12, 2018
FDA USP VI silicones are ultra-clean medical materials that meet requirements from both the U.S. Food and Drug ...
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Topics: Cleanroom Manufacturing, Medical Die Cutting

Membrane Filters: Selection, Production, and Use

February 23, 2018
Membrane filters allow the flow of fluids or gases while preventing the passage of particles and microorganisms. They ...
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Topics: Membrane Filters

Porex Wicking Material: Die Cut Components for Wicking Fluids

December 11, 2017
Die cut components for wicking fluids are used in medical, bioscience, and filtration applications. They are made of ...
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Topics: Materials, porex

Die Cut Components for Rapid Diagnostics and Microfluidics

October 20, 2017
Die Cut Components for Rapid Diagnostics and Microfluidics Die cut components for rapid diagnostics and microfluidics ...
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Topics: Die-cutting, Quality Assurance, ISO, Microfluidics, Rapid Diagnostics